Preparing Your Story



Your Story is His Story

Each time we recount our story (our declaration) we give respect and wonder to God, and He is satisfied with that.

Your story — paying little heed to how “tremendous” or “common” you think it is — is an anecdote about God’s character. It is your observer record of how God protected you from wrongdoing and passing through Christ, and changed your life subsequently.

When we share our story with others we enable them to become acquainted with what God resembles and what He can do.

Be Ready

Regardless of whether you are in line at the supermarket, sitting with a relative or remaining before a gathering of individuals, the Bible calls us to “dependably be prepared” to clarify our expectation in Christ with tenderness and regard (1 Peter 3:15-16, NLT).

Now and again we get a kick out of the chance to surmise that since it’s our story, we don’t need to successfully be prepared to let it know. All things considered, we were there when it happened, and we’re living it now.

However, we can get apprehensive, wind up diverted overlook things when sharing our declarations, which can be mistaking or diverting for those tuning in. This is the reason a little planning and practice can be so profitable.

Set up it Together

We should investigate how to assemble your story, area by segment. There are five essential parts to your story: the opening, your life before Christ, how you came to Christ, your life after Christ, and the end.

The Opening. Distinguish a topic you can use to outline your story. What did your life rotate around (e.g. connections, your notoriety, cash) that God used to help convey you to Him? Quickly outline how that affected your life.

Your Life Before Christ. Portray what your life resembled before you came to Christ. Try not to harp excessively on, or boast about, past transgression battles. Offer just the subtle elements that identify with your subject – sufficiently only to demonstrate your requirement for Christ.

How You Came to Christ. Give the insights regarding why and how you turned into a Christian. Convey such that the individual you are conversing with, and any individual who catches you, can see how they can turn into a Christian, as well. Regardless of whether your audience members are not prepared for that, God could utilize your story and clarification of the gospel to attract them to Himself later on.

Your Life After Coming to Christ. Offer a portion of the progressions that Christ has made in your life as they identify with your subject. Underscore the adjustments in your character, state of mind or point of view, not simply minor changes in conduct. Be sensible. Despite everything, we battle as Christians. Life is a long way from consummate, yet what’s diverse about your life now?

The Closing. End with an announcement that abridges your story and associates everything back to your topic. On the off chance that you need, close with a Bible stanza that identifies with your experience.

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